Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spencer has thrilled his mom the past few weeks. First, while visiting the Pescadero ranch he noticed the sheep and actually herded! Yes, he did it! He got in that paddock and let it rip with the Shetland sheep--the ones that are very active and buy his herding act. He was in his element barking, chasing, racing and corralling them into a corner. Okay, we'll work on the more technical aspects later-but first we have to teach him not to race back to me and leap all over me when I tell him "good boy."
Then we attended a local "Society Dog" evening at a gallery exhibiting animal fiber art (thus combining two of my fascinations). It was such a low key, comfortable event with all types of people sharing a love of their dogs. A portrait photographer offered to take pictures of them and give us each one shot--this is Spencer's. I am proud of him because the photographer scared him to death by pounding on the wall and making noises that would frighten the calmest of dogs--like when the guy pounded so hard a pot went crashing on to the floor. But Spencer didn't leap off the trunk he was posed on and suffered long enough to get this shot. Good boy, Spence!