Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spencer has a penchant for humongous toys--the bigger the better. We took him to the Vista Center's annual "Woof-to-Woof" fund raiser yesterday. He paraded in the "Best Coat" contest (Bernie cheats), he nibbled on the many treats offered at the booths and then he saw it--a tennis ball suffering from hormonal excess. He had to have it. That there is no possible way he could get his mouth around it only fortified his desire. Of course we gave in--we're good parents.


Monday, June 02, 2008

We Have Ribbon! Woo Hoo!

Spencer finally showed his great breeding, charged into the sheep paddock and had only one purpose in life--GET THOSE SHEEP! He darted, he cut, he stayed wide, he moved those little guys with gusto and bravado! We had to pull him out of the ring! Pictured here is his breeder, Trudy Kerr, a very happy Mom and a startled Spencer who had just noticed the screaming peacock was headed his way!