Monday, June 25, 2007

I have entered the world of IPod and spent much of the day trying to make both my video IPod and Mark's Shuffle work (he calls it a Shuttle).Apparently there were some fundamentals I didn't understand but I'm not stupid--I hired the neighborhood teenager to help me! Now we have a chance at hearing our music. Some how I also found time to play with my art toys. Pictured here is a little postcard made to brighten a friend's day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Michael deMeng's Holy Roller class was the absolute BEST class I've ever taken. Michael isn't just a talented artist--he is a born teacher. From his IPod's background music, through his perception and sensitivity to his funny, present humor, he's simply superb. Our day was spent taking Hot Wheels (yep, you're correct, that would be children's toy cars), altering them then practicing Michael's "recipes" for acrylic washes. The finale was a race of all of our cars with a deMeng Holy Roller original as prize. My "Lady etc." piece came in a respectable 4th. Depicted here are: "The Race," my "Our Lady of Perpetual Process" piece which is not yet painted and my Practice Piece which was quickly assembled so I could play with Michael's wash recipes. Thanks to Georgia and Terrece at Stampers' Warehouse for a memorable day.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spencer had a wonderful time at the local Woof-to-Woof fund raiser. He didn't win any contests: not even the "Beautiful Coat" parade where Magnum the sheltie and Bernie the mountain dog beat him--we think their coats were that shiny because they were oiled! He did catch the very discerning eye of the local photojournalist as he rested on a display couch after a long morning.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Spencer was tested for herding instinct Sunday. It was a glorious day in Pescadero (right on the Pacific coast along Hwy 1) at a ranch complete with rolling hills, picturesque buildings, peacocks and a lake. There were 15 or more shelties all having their way with the sheep...except Spencer. Let's just say his test result sheet reads "Spencer doesn't think ranch life is for him." Hey, who needs to be herding sheep and ducks when Mom already does it better!