Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring time is definitely sheep herding time and what better way to practice the craft than chasing Mark down the street. Spencer does this with such delight that he has earned the name "George Leroy Tire Biter" and can be heard for miles rounding up his prey...err...sheep.

Recently Tammy has tapped into her herding instinct and selected her own sheep--Spencer. He chases Mark, Tammy chases him--it's all perfect in sheltie world.

Tammy's chosen strategy is to let Spencer run close to her, then stab at his tail until she gets a sufficient amount to stand very still and stop Spencer in his tracks. We are trying to teach her sheep don't have long tails and that when she herds in Pescadero her strategy may backfire, but so far she is enjoying herself too much to change.


Spring has sprung and apparently so has Miss Tammy! She has decided the orchestra seats of life just aren't enough for her and has been selecting the best seats in the house. I am trying to dissuade her from using our dining table.She has also experimented with my vanity, every bench and chair in the yard and most likely other surfaces that it's best I don't know about.