Sunday, September 14, 2008

It had to happen. After years of sharing a room serving as both my office and my art studio, I finally realized I would never do any art as long as I spent so many hours earning my living in the same space. Frankly, it's a clash of needs. When I work, I am pristine about my environment--I need organization or I just can't function. Each client has a drawer in the cart, each has a different color system, each must be out of sight as I work on another's tasks. Maybe it's because I have several clients and must keep their work separate. Maybe it's because I've become a neat-nik in my old age. Regardless of "why" it's got to be that way!

Now, when I create art, I need CHAOS! I need to have a room strewn with stuff as I s---l---o---w---l---y complete my project. Drawers must be open, tables hold sloppy boxes of options, doors must be open with color spilling out of them--the room must be ALIVE with the muse!

Pictured here is my new, sunny open corner office with the new cherry furniture. And, yes, it really is that neat when I work. Also pictured is the smaller space where I used to have my office. Although darker, it's beautiful wood I love and I successfully worked there for years. Now it is free to be my artroom--all I have to do is close the door when I want let the muse rest in pandemonium.
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