Sunday, January 04, 2009

What to name this post?

"Litter" to reference the unbelievable mess on the floor: wadded up papers that serve as toys for Bo along with store-bought goodies, stuffed animals for jealous shelties, newspapers dragged from the fireplace pile. or

"Connections" as Bo insinuates himself into the family: snuggling papoose-style in my sweatshirt, making Dad laugh, using Jon as a couch, chasing Tammy through the house or dodging Spencer's attempts to dominate. or

"Choreography" to describe the ongoing effort to protect kitty from dogs, dogs from kitty, kitty food from dogs. dog dinners from kitty, kitty from dashing out the door, kitty from banging on the bedroom door at night. No wonder mothers are a tired lot!

I'm certain there are many more possible titles. I think I'll just post a few photos and let them do the talking.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009 and Welcome Beauregard!

In the ongoing saga of "How Crazy Are They?" we have once again added to the Snug Harbor family. This time it's 2 pounds of monster energy invading our little abode. Actually, he's much more of a snuggle bunny than we expected--seems he just wants to be one of the family and is happiest when nuzzled up with human or canine.

Bo is named after Confederate general known for his flamboyant personal style and dashing but not always successful strategic campaigns. Our hope is that we can successfully foil his more complicated plots and successfully get him to a healthy adulthood without anyone suffering too many injuries!

We also hope 2009 is good to everyone and that we all enjoy an era of peace, prosperity and resilience.