Sunday, September 14, 2008

It had to happen. After years of sharing a room serving as both my office and my art studio, I finally realized I would never do any art as long as I spent so many hours earning my living in the same space. Frankly, it's a clash of needs. When I work, I am pristine about my environment--I need organization or I just can't function. Each client has a drawer in the cart, each has a different color system, each must be out of sight as I work on another's tasks. Maybe it's because I have several clients and must keep their work separate. Maybe it's because I've become a neat-nik in my old age. Regardless of "why" it's got to be that way!

Now, when I create art, I need CHAOS! I need to have a room strewn with stuff as I s---l---o---w---l---y complete my project. Drawers must be open, tables hold sloppy boxes of options, doors must be open with color spilling out of them--the room must be ALIVE with the muse!

Pictured here is my new, sunny open corner office with the new cherry furniture. And, yes, it really is that neat when I work. Also pictured is the smaller space where I used to have my office. Although darker, it's beautiful wood I love and I successfully worked there for years. Now it is free to be my artroom--all I have to do is close the door when I want let the muse rest in pandemonium.
Click on the images for a closer look.



Blogger Judy Streger said...

Actually, it seems to me that you have two corners in your office, not one. It looks great. I'm sure you'll be inspired to work very effectively in your new office.

1:35 PM, September 14, 2008  
Blogger Joanne Huffman said...

I value tidiness, but don't seem able to incorporate it into my life. Your office looks cool. And, when I enlarged the photos, I saw an incredibly good looking dog.


8:08 PM, September 15, 2008  

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