Thursday, July 03, 2008

ConvenZi-what? In the ongoing saga of "As the Jood Turns," I am now going to attempt soldering. (I'd go into a digression about what an interesting word "solder" is--I mean why IS that "l" in there--but I'll try to stick to the subject) With a bit of arm-twisting from Kathy McElroy and the enticing photo shown here, I am now on my way to burning body parts and endangering my clothes. ConvenZioNE is a gathering of artists in Pleasanton the last weekend in August. It will be an fun-filled event with creative classes (yep, I'm tryin' those little houses), fine food & artsy friends. I'd say I was excited but I'm too busy searching for an asbestos suit. In preparation I am taking a soldering class locally tonight. We'll see how many digits I injure. If you want to learn more about ConvenZioNE just follow this link--hope to see you in August!: