Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Sweet Pixie Face ATC for Round & Round Lost Coast Designs Contest


Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Welcome 2019! In lieu of Xmas cards,  I made New Year's cards using my new set of Tim Holtz Inventor 2 stamps. Inside read  "Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.' ...Tennyson 
Hope 2019 brings love, adventure, laughter, and a lot of play!
Follow this link to see more steampunk challenge pieces:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's just been TOOOOOOO LOOOOONNNNGGGG since I made time to blog. However, visiting the One World One Heart blogs has reinvigorated me. Stay tuned for updates as I figure out how to turn current loves/activities/etc into visual images! I mean, how does one depict hours of practice preparing for a choir concert? Or Lorri visiting this morning to play ukes? Or learning to conquer the Wii so I can get some exercise in the midst or El NiƱo onslaughts? I suppose that is the blogger's challenge! Jood

Sunday, January 04, 2009

What to name this post?

"Litter" to reference the unbelievable mess on the floor: wadded up papers that serve as toys for Bo along with store-bought goodies, stuffed animals for jealous shelties, newspapers dragged from the fireplace pile. or

"Connections" as Bo insinuates himself into the family: snuggling papoose-style in my sweatshirt, making Dad laugh, using Jon as a couch, chasing Tammy through the house or dodging Spencer's attempts to dominate. or

"Choreography" to describe the ongoing effort to protect kitty from dogs, dogs from kitty, kitty food from dogs. dog dinners from kitty, kitty from dashing out the door, kitty from banging on the bedroom door at night. No wonder mothers are a tired lot!

I'm certain there are many more possible titles. I think I'll just post a few photos and let them do the talking.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009 and Welcome Beauregard!

In the ongoing saga of "How Crazy Are They?" we have once again added to the Snug Harbor family. This time it's 2 pounds of monster energy invading our little abode. Actually, he's much more of a snuggle bunny than we expected--seems he just wants to be one of the family and is happiest when nuzzled up with human or canine.

Bo is named after Confederate general known for his flamboyant personal style and dashing but not always successful strategic campaigns. Our hope is that we can successfully foil his more complicated plots and successfully get him to a healthy adulthood without anyone suffering too many injuries!

We also hope 2009 is good to everyone and that we all enjoy an era of peace, prosperity and resilience.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally! After seasons (that means many months) of battling bermuda grass--digging, spraying, drying, digging more, pulling, spraying, more pulling, ad nauseam-- WE HAVE GRASS! Beautiful, lush, soft green grass to romp on, to relax on, to smell after mowing....Life is VERY good! And thank you Mark for all your hard work and dedication. It's the PERFECT birthday present!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

It had to happen. After years of sharing a room serving as both my office and my art studio, I finally realized I would never do any art as long as I spent so many hours earning my living in the same space. Frankly, it's a clash of needs. When I work, I am pristine about my environment--I need organization or I just can't function. Each client has a drawer in the cart, each has a different color system, each must be out of sight as I work on another's tasks. Maybe it's because I have several clients and must keep their work separate. Maybe it's because I've become a neat-nik in my old age. Regardless of "why" it's got to be that way!

Now, when I create art, I need CHAOS! I need to have a room strewn with stuff as I s---l---o---w---l---y complete my project. Drawers must be open, tables hold sloppy boxes of options, doors must be open with color spilling out of them--the room must be ALIVE with the muse!

Pictured here is my new, sunny open corner office with the new cherry furniture. And, yes, it really is that neat when I work. Also pictured is the smaller space where I used to have my office. Although darker, it's beautiful wood I love and I successfully worked there for years. Now it is free to be my artroom--all I have to do is close the door when I want let the muse rest in pandemonium.
Click on the images for a closer look.


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hands down, Sally Jean Alexander's was the best project class I've ever taken. Thanks to those at Santa Cruz Crafter's Studio for giving me a jump start on how to solder or I would have been lost.

I have so many interests and sometimes feel so spread thin. I am truly a Jill of all trades, mistress of none but that doesn't lessen my enjoyment of each of them. Watching Spencer race around the sheep paddock, playing basic ukulele in a jam, singing in a choir, playing with artsy things--I enjoy them all. Thus, the theme of this little piece: Dilettante!

This tiny house is supposed to have a flickering tea candle inside to allow the images to glow through, but my collage background is a bit too thick so I created a Sun House! It sparkles in the sun, happy to be in the light. Of course, there's more solder
ing work to do on the sides, but I must post now or probably forever fail to do so. (Click on the images to enlarge & view detail.)
Thanks Sally Jean!


Monday, August 11, 2008 is a website created by a dynamic young girl who didn't just wish there was help to feed dogs and cats not as lucky as Tammy; she made sure they got fed by creating the sites. Simply visit the site, play the game and dog/cat food companies will donate kibble to rescue groups. And the game is fun! There's a separate site for kitties, Play daily and more pets will feast!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

For those of you who wish to spend your pennies on art instead of gasoline, click on the image below and discover a new marketplace offering fresh faces and delectable pieces. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

ConvenZi-what? In the ongoing saga of "As the Jood Turns," I am now going to attempt soldering. (I'd go into a digression about what an interesting word "solder" is--I mean why IS that "l" in there--but I'll try to stick to the subject) With a bit of arm-twisting from Kathy McElroy and the enticing photo shown here, I am now on my way to burning body parts and endangering my clothes. ConvenZioNE is a gathering of artists in Pleasanton the last weekend in August. It will be an fun-filled event with creative classes (yep, I'm tryin' those little houses), fine food & artsy friends. I'd say I was excited but I'm too busy searching for an asbestos suit. In preparation I am taking a soldering class locally tonight. We'll see how many digits I injure. If you want to learn more about ConvenZioNE just follow this link--hope to see you in August!:


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Spencer has a penchant for humongous toys--the bigger the better. We took him to the Vista Center's annual "Woof-to-Woof" fund raiser yesterday. He paraded in the "Best Coat" contest (Bernie cheats), he nibbled on the many treats offered at the booths and then he saw it--a tennis ball suffering from hormonal excess. He had to have it. That there is no possible way he could get his mouth around it only fortified his desire. Of course we gave in--we're good parents.


Monday, June 02, 2008

We Have Ribbon! Woo Hoo!

Spencer finally showed his great breeding, charged into the sheep paddock and had only one purpose in life--GET THOSE SHEEP! He darted, he cut, he stayed wide, he moved those little guys with gusto and bravado! We had to pull him out of the ring! Pictured here is his breeder, Trudy Kerr, a very happy Mom and a startled Spencer who had just noticed the screaming peacock was headed his way!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Submitted for your entertainment, one strange phenomenon- Yep, that's me, singing in the house band at the monthly ukulele club.I've been singing all my life, but never in a band and never with mikes or monitors. I am definitively microphone challenged! It was a learning experience. Let's just say no one is knocking down the door begging for autographs and the paparazzi haven't found our address yet! However, a good time was had by all!
Thank you Peter, Laura, Patty & Lisa (not shown but is terrific bass player!)


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

If you've read much of my blog you know that I love posting my dogs & art adventures. But there's another interest I have--the uke. Yep, picked one up when I was 12, played for several years, took about 30 years off, then discovered the Santa Cruz Uke Club. OMG! It's my monthly giggle. This morning I found the most amazing video in which Mozart meets the uke. Regardless of your interest in music--go here and enjoy! It's truly amazing to the eye and the ear! I created a little image to tempt you. Just follow the link below and enjoy!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring time is definitely sheep herding time and what better way to practice the craft than chasing Mark down the street. Spencer does this with such delight that he has earned the name "George Leroy Tire Biter" and can be heard for miles rounding up his prey...err...sheep.

Recently Tammy has tapped into her herding instinct and selected her own sheep--Spencer. He chases Mark, Tammy chases him--it's all perfect in sheltie world.

Tammy's chosen strategy is to let Spencer run close to her, then stab at his tail until she gets a sufficient amount to stand very still and stop Spencer in his tracks. We are trying to teach her sheep don't have long tails and that when she herds in Pescadero her strategy may backfire, but so far she is enjoying herself too much to change.


Spring has sprung and apparently so has Miss Tammy! She has decided the orchestra seats of life just aren't enough for her and has been selecting the best seats in the house. I am trying to dissuade her from using our dining table.She has also experimented with my vanity, every bench and chair in the yard and most likely other surfaces that it's best I don't know about.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Little Bit of Christmas magic came to our house. Introducing Tammy Noel; a 4 1/2 year old playmate for Spencer. Tammy is used to being just one of many in a kennel so she is quickly adjusting to the luxury of living at Snug Harbor. I think she will prove a challenge for Spencer. Her demure manner is quite the balance for our ruffian!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Something about this little guy reminds me of my grand nephew Cooper--who still has 3 to look forward to!

Thanks to Connie and Luna's Memories in Half Moon Bay, CA for yet another relaxing, creative and fattening Saturday class. This technique involved transforming shiny cigarillo tins into "rustified" with Golden products. As always, Connie created a lovely atmosphere and shared an amazing variety of images, embellishments and product.


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Seattle Shopping is just the BEST for a birthday getaway!

Even the ladies' rooms are worth taking photos of! Here we visited the downtown Bon Marche (now a Macy's, may it rest in peace) and had to "do" the ladies room. Good could have a major theatrical event in it!

Back to the "ballroom" where a woman came up to us and said we were having so much fun she would take our picture for us--and she did!

Now, shopping has been a favored past time for a lot of decades of my life, but the greatest shock was that it turns out I am a petite! Huh? How can you be a petite at 5ft 5? Will miracles never end!

Thanks to my sister-in-law Judy and my friend Sylvia for a memorable birthday--next time maybe we should visit a museum or two just to add a bit of class to this crazy trio!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Some people love Burning Man, but REAL people love Burning Uke!

In mid September Mark and I joined 130 other crazed musicians for 3 days of strumming in Big Sur. The weather was perfect and the scenery was exquisite.

Ah...sweet spoiling! Mark supplied us with fresh cappuccino AND a propane heater to keep us toasty in the bracing morning temps.

On Saturday we could sit in on uke or hula sessions, jam extemporaneously or just relax & enjoy.

Because of fire danger, we couldn't burn the 12 foot tall uke this we burned it in effigy and sacrificed a real uke builder on Sunday morn.

Of course Mark had to take a few glorious bike rides, complete with his IPod Shuffle--you know the one that plugs into his helmet.

When Judy wasn't strumming, she was busy playing the spud and harmonizing.

Of course Jon guarded the campsite.

but poor Spencer didn't appreciate Mom messing with him during an afternoon nap.

Thanks to the Santa Cruz Uke Club for yet another wonderful weekend of fun, frolic, fantastic food and frivolity!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spencer has thrilled his mom the past few weeks. First, while visiting the Pescadero ranch he noticed the sheep and actually herded! Yes, he did it! He got in that paddock and let it rip with the Shetland sheep--the ones that are very active and buy his herding act. He was in his element barking, chasing, racing and corralling them into a corner. Okay, we'll work on the more technical aspects later-but first we have to teach him not to race back to me and leap all over me when I tell him "good boy."
Then we attended a local "Society Dog" evening at a gallery exhibiting animal fiber art (thus combining two of my fascinations). It was such a low key, comfortable event with all types of people sharing a love of their dogs. A portrait photographer offered to take pictures of them and give us each one shot--this is Spencer's. I am proud of him because the photographer scared him to death by pounding on the wall and making noises that would frighten the calmest of dogs--like when the guy pounded so hard a pot went crashing on to the floor. But Spencer didn't leap off the trunk he was posed on and suffered long enough to get this shot. Good boy, Spence!


Monday, June 25, 2007

I have entered the world of IPod and spent much of the day trying to make both my video IPod and Mark's Shuffle work (he calls it a Shuttle).Apparently there were some fundamentals I didn't understand but I'm not stupid--I hired the neighborhood teenager to help me! Now we have a chance at hearing our music. Some how I also found time to play with my art toys. Pictured here is a little postcard made to brighten a friend's day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Michael deMeng's Holy Roller class was the absolute BEST class I've ever taken. Michael isn't just a talented artist--he is a born teacher. From his IPod's background music, through his perception and sensitivity to his funny, present humor, he's simply superb. Our day was spent taking Hot Wheels (yep, you're correct, that would be children's toy cars), altering them then practicing Michael's "recipes" for acrylic washes. The finale was a race of all of our cars with a deMeng Holy Roller original as prize. My "Lady etc." piece came in a respectable 4th. Depicted here are: "The Race," my "Our Lady of Perpetual Process" piece which is not yet painted and my Practice Piece which was quickly assembled so I could play with Michael's wash recipes. Thanks to Georgia and Terrece at Stampers' Warehouse for a memorable day.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spencer had a wonderful time at the local Woof-to-Woof fund raiser. He didn't win any contests: not even the "Beautiful Coat" parade where Magnum the sheltie and Bernie the mountain dog beat him--we think their coats were that shiny because they were oiled! He did catch the very discerning eye of the local photojournalist as he rested on a display couch after a long morning.